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I have taken private and group classes with Noelle for over three years. Her focus on strength and flexibility has made a noticeable improvement in my daily life. As a woman well over fifty, many of my peers have started to give up their favorite activities such as tennis and skiing due to age related injuries and muscle soreness. I credit Noelle’s expertise, fun classes and positive reinforcement, for helping me get stronger and more confident in my abilities to maintain a healthy active life. 
- Jenny B
Working with Noelle has been a great experience. She call herself a drill sergeant but I don’t see her that way. She’s a consummate professional - able to assess someone’s needs and help them with consideration for the style that’s most effective for them. She has a prodigious amount of knowledge that enables her to answer any questions and give you a tailor-made exercise experience. She seems to have a good understanding of what I’m capable of and I usually end up surprising myself! 
- Barbra G
I have been doing a variety of exercises my entire adult life. I find that the Pilates session Noelle provides is a high caliber of training for all fitness levels. Due to her expertise she can advise any client modifications to make your workout appropriate to all abilities. As a health care professional I can attest to the safety and benefits of this low impact workout. After a class I feel invigorated and appropriately sore in all the right places! Most everyone can benefit from the detail to core strengthening emphasized with Pilates. Noelle makes the hour spent in her class a warm and welcoming environment.
- Farina Y
It was my first experience taking Pilates and Noelle made it an AMAZING one! She provided an extremely comfortable environment and is incredibly knowledgeable. I had been dealing with knee pain, lower back stiffness and a hip imbalance. Noelle not only put me through a series of exercises that quickly alleviated all my aches and pains but she also provided me with an immense amount of knowledge in order to do my own home workouts. Since my first session I have seen great results and will most definitely be going back for more. All around a great experience and would most definitely recommend Pilates with Noelle!
- Diego S
I am a big golfer and last year I found my game was struggling, especially on the back 9. When Noelle offer the TPI assessment, I jumped at the opportunity to see how it might help. I must admit, after taking Pilates classes with Noelle, I am a big fan. Noelle knows Pilates, golf and how to find the right exercises to improve your game. Last week I played my first round of the season and finished strong. I walked 18 holes and played better on the back 9 than the front thanks to my work with Noelle making me stronger with more endurance. I highly recommend the TPI assessment, Pilates and Noelle as an instructor!
- Gregg A
I have arthritis and have suffered from back pain. My normal routine of PT exercises were only helping my mobility minimally. I started taking both private sessions and classes with Noelle, and wow, what a difference it’s made! After 6 months of Pilates, I have less pain and more mobility than I’ve had in years. Another added bonus—at my annual physical exam, I measured an entire 1/2” taller! My posture has improved greatly and i’m feeling stronger every day!
- Peggy C
Golf is a big part of my life and over the last several years my body has gotten tighter and less flexible. My game suffered and it had actually become painful to play. 5 weeks ago I went to hit balls indoors and it was really a tough practice session. My son remarked "you look really tight". Shortly thereafter I started my Pilates sessions with Noelle. Yesterday, after 8 sessions I went back, what a difference! Freer, looser, better contact, no pain! I can't speak highly enough of the benefits that Pilates has provided, just signed up for more sessions. Thank you!
- Keith B, PGA Golf Professional
If you're looking for a secret weapon you've found it. My husband and I started working with Noelle at a large club as we joined in an effort to get fit, lose weight, and get off the couch. One of the first classes we signed up for was Reformer Pilates and we were assigned Noelle as our instructor. Seriously, what’s not to like. Great exercise: check. Small class with individual attention: check. Results that further motivate us: check. And above all, an instructor who is knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, challenging: check, check, check, check. Noelle is also very funny and is a pleasure to be around. Since our first trial sessions we have continued to sign up for increasing arduous training and some personalized instruction. Noelle is tough but informs and educates while she inflicts pain (which she seems to enjoy a little too much, BTW) and somehow also makes us laugh – a lot. When Noelle started her own studio there was no question in our mind where we would go for out Pilates! 
- Candy Lou C
I was new to Pilates reformer and was hooked from day 1 thanks to Noelle! As someone who used to be a "gym rat" primarily focused on weight training, I was looking to shake up my exercise regime for one that would help me to create more lean muscle tone and strengthen core while also accommodating my various neck and back injuries. From the beginning Noelle's training was engaging, fun and produced results! Her fitness knowledge, patience and genuine concern for her students is what keeps me coming back! I highly recommend Noelle and the Pilates Reformer classes to anyone whose is looking to add variety to their fitness routine with results to show for it!
- Valerie C
Noelle is the bomb. If you appreciate a firm but loving trainer, she's your girl. She is knowledgeable. She is engaged. She is tough. And bonus she laughs a lot! As for Pilates, it changes your physique almost immediately. After 4!!!! sessions, I could feel a real change in my strength and posture. The combo of Noelle's training and the Pilates philosophy can't be beat. Spend the money, it's worth it!
- Tara S
Noelle is fantastic! Beyond being a nurturing and extremely approachable person; her sessions are a perfect blend of natural flow and physical challenge. Each session highlights kinesthetic awareness, strength and flexibility, all the while empowering you to push a little further in your individual practice.
- Kim R
Noelle is amazing!! I was new to Pilates but am now completely hooked, mostly due to Noelle’s thoughtful and personalized guidance during each session. Her workouts are efficient and effective, and you see results. It did not take long for me to feel stronger and more flexible. Noelle somehow tailors each exercise to each individual, even in a group setting, and the classes feel relaxing even though you are working and challenging yourself the whole time. Noelle has such an easy-going and fun personality, and her sessions provide a relaxed, supportive environment that people at any fitness level would love. I find myself looking forward to each class – something I would have never, ever thought I’d ever say.
- Karen M
Noelle really lives up to her commitment of balancing what you want with what you need. Having been adamantly opposed to breaking out of my comfort zone of running as my sole form of exercise I went into Pilates fairly skeptical. Noelle has a way of motivating you and making the process fun, interesting and effective. I saw a real difference in a very short period of time and am now hooked. For anyone on the fence I encourage you to let Noelle show you what a difference she can make.
- Constance F
If you would have told me a year ago I would not only be doing Pilates but loving it I would have said you were crazy! Noelle brings the perfect blend of patience, challenge and fun to each session. It is her guidance and encouragement that kept me coming back in the beginning when I wasn't sure I could do it. She has a knack for explaining techniques in a way that resonates with a wide variety of skill levels and learning styles. Pilates is now what I look forward to every week!
- Wendy F
Noelle is a wonderful Pilates instructor! I have sciatica and have had multiple shoulder surgeries. Noelle's varies the routines for every class and provides great encouragement while challenging me each time. My core and my confidence have never been stronger. Noelle is friendly and fosters a camaraderie in the class that I really value. I really look forward to each class!
- Andre L
I am a college soccer player looking to play professionally, and was investigating possible solutions to an injury that had been nagging me for several months. It seemed like every PT I went to could not find the solution to my problems, which made it very hard to continue to progress athletically. Although, after the first complimentary session with Noelle, I felt an instant excitement because I knew just how powerful her work is. Week after week I continued to see more and more improvement. She opened my mind to a new way of training that I hadn't practiced before, which was very humbling and eye opening. In a world full of many PT's who seem to just provide basic exercises or means to recover, Noelle was diligent in finding the source of my issues. As you continue to become a greater and greater athlete, the quest for growth becomes more and more difficult. Safe to say, Noelle was the perfect fit for my training regime. Her understanding of the body and how it works made her sessions extremely effective in building my athleticism and body control. Pilates is much more than I previously viewed, and I know if I can become great in these practices, my work on the field will be made much easier. The work we did is essential to any athlete looking to find an edge to a game that seems to be getting more competitive as the years go on. More important than the services she provides, Noelle is a great person. Her ability to connect and communicate with the client makes any tough rehab process or workout program enjoyable. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to gain that extra 1-2% growth, a mother, or someone just looking to improve their fitness; Noelle has the tools to provide you results and success with whatever goals you may have. 
- Rian B
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